China Asic Miner Machine & BTC Miner Machine factory wholesale manufacturers,Suppliers and Factory

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Headquartered in Chengdu, Marine King Miner is one of the top three asic miner suppliers in China.

As an experienced supplier in this line, Marine King Miner has close business relationship withasic manufacturers like Bitmain, Innosilicon, Canaan, MicroBT, Goldshell and it is able to supply the latest models in large quantity.

For better customer service, it set up a factory in Dongguan, China with an efficient team to provide services like repairing, upgrading, dust cleaning and packaging. It started an entity store in Saige Plaza Shengzhen China for traditional marketing.

As deep as sea.As hot as light. It is searching partner all over the world.


Apr,2018 Zhejiang Xing Sha Technology Co., LTD

Our first company based in Hangzhou for blockchain business like farm running and asic trading.

Dec,2020 New base founded in Chengdu.

Two new brands were created.MarineKingMinerfor foreign businessandLanhaifor domestic business.

Dec,2020 Sichuan Lan Hai XinYuanTechnology Co., LTD

Chengdu company for domestic business.

Dec,2020 Dongguan Zhong Zhi ZuiTechnology Co., LTD

Our factory for services likerepairing, testing, maintaining, dust cleaning,packing,delivery and warehousing.

May,2021 OnlineShop on

We started our foreign business with And in Oct,8,2021 alibaba baned asic miner business for the policy of Chinesegoverment.Business was boming and we were a five star suppllier of this platform before the ban.

Jul,2021 We got news about the ban ahead of time. And westarted our own site to continue our foreign business.


Hongkong compay for international business.

Jul,2021 Sichuan Lan Hai Yi Xin Technology Co., LTD

Another Chengdu company for domestic business


Singapore company for international business.

Feb,2022 Physical storein Shenzheng

We established anentity store in Saige square of Shenzheng China

Mar,2022 NewShop on

New alibaba shop for Graphics Card

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