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Company profile

Denentech Electronic Technology Co, ltd, established in 2003, Professional R&D and production experience of connectors. Has more than 3000 square meters. Specializes in manufacturer percision board to board.Wire to board connectors and cable, assemblies for connectors, for computer&perpheral devices.

Our products are widely used, Smart wear, consumer digital 3C products, electronic mainboards, medical equipment, aerospace, communications, etc.

Denentech has already acquired ISO9001, ISO14001 international quality,environment and management system certificates.

Production Equipment

We are using precision molding instruments, such as Switzerland charmilles, Japan sodick wire-cutting machine, precision plastic and zinc alloy injecton machines, high-speed punch machine. Testing facilities and over 50 automatic assembly machines.

Our Service

Pre-sales: confirm the required product specifications, quotation and logistics

Sale: Follow up the progress of the products to facilitate on-time delivery.

After-sales: follow up the logistics information and inquire about the products.


SATA Connector

Pogo Pin

Board To Board Connector

Wire To Board

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