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In 2001, Kim quit his engineering job to start his own business,Herented a small workshop in Changan Town,Dongguan,and started his entrepreneurial journey from 3 CNC machines.The company also successively added QC Dept and production equipment in next few years.During the period,KIM and his wife,Mrs. Zeng, both went through a rough patch,from raw materials to surface finish chains(anode, polishing, etc.) and technical staff configuration,business expansion issues was experienced a long course.

2006-2012:“Weimi Tech"

As the volume of business grows,KIM moved the workshop to Jiufa Technology Park,Liaobu Town,a larger production place, At the same time,weimi added 5 milling machines 3 lathes and 1 automatic lathe in following half year. Also opened an account on B2B Platform and the foreign trade business officially started. Trac.current the foreign trade manager is the first foreign sa es and the core person to lead the weimi to open the international market.

2006-2012:“Weimi Tech”

With the rapid expansion of foreign trade business, engineering, warehouse management and other positions are fully equipped, In order to ensure the quality of customersproducts,WeiMi added CMM and 3 sets automatic lathe machine at the end of 2016 years.

2017-2019:“Weimi Tech”

Taking into account the expansion of business team,Foreign Trade Dept moved from factory to another office building and recruit more staff to market group.As rapid as Weimi has grown with capabilities, we have not forgotten to invest in our most valuable resource. our emplovees.We continually support our emplovees with the latest technology training and cross training.

Our Services:

Weimi supply not only increase efficiency and productivityalso improve quality and stability of parts.

Weimi continues to deliver quick turn-around times for prototype and production volume orders of precision CNC turning and machining parts,We serve a vast number of industries including:Aerospace,Automotive,electrica equipment,Hydraulics, Medical,Oil & Gas, and many others. We provide innovative design engineering solutions and manufacturing services to our customers.

Our design engineering solutions: 

We take a key role at the early stage of our customersproduct desigr and development cycles by providing value-adding design engineering solutions,including the choice of materials the production process flow and the application of production techniques. This will provide them with more cost effective solutions at the initial product design stage and ennance the quality of their products.

Our manufacturing services: 

inc ude the provision of a wide range of design and fabrication services of precision metal stamping tools, and manufacturing services of highly complex precision metal products involving metal stamping,cutting,machining,lathingsheet metal and turning procedures.

Assembly services: We also offer product assembly/integration services and logistics supports to our customers

Both before and after purchasing the service and support team is available to you!

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